Patch Instructions

Ok, so you probably already know how to attach a patch and it’s certainly not rocket science. But if you’re anything like me and struggle with this, I thought I'd give you some handy pointers!

Firstly, always pre-heat the area the patch is going on with your iron, it definitely helps the process.

Definitely cover patch with baking paper or a thin tea towel; nothing worse than a singed patch.

You'll want to iron for around a 60s with a steady heavy pressure, but give it a 10-20s press without moving iron to begin with before starting to move the iron around, keeping the pressure.

If possible flip jacket/surface over and give the back of the fabric an iron for another 30s.

It can really help to hold down/press in place whilst the glue is cooling down, so put a heavy book on it for 5 minutes. And don’t try move until it is fully cooled as this can un-stick corners etc.

And most importantly, tag us in any pictures you take of your new patches ;)